Poetry Workshop at Caldwell Library

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These teens have some MAJOR talent, people!! Today we took the time to focus on our own minds and thought and create some incredible poetry. Jan Loonan volunteered to read some poetry, facilitate writing a group poem in which the teens each took turns adding a line to the poem, and left some silent time (without cell phones - how could she!?) for them to each write their own poem (or 2 or 3!)

See below for some of their work!

Raindrops fall on a dead road

In the middle of nowhere

Where there is grey, gloomy

Darkness happens



In the middle of the night

The rain pitter patters on the roof

Of my house as I dream big

Dreams and reality is nowhere about

I dream of dragons flying away

and little fairies working all day sadly

Though this may not last for night soon be past



Why is the sky blue?

Why is the grass green?

Why do my loved ones die?

Why am I here?

Why do I care what people think of me?




I am the fire

Your are the water

I am roaring

You are rushing

I am red, orange, yellow, white, warm

You are blue and green and white, cool and calm

I blaze ahead

While you take your sweet time

I reach higher

You seep lower

I am the fire

You are the water

I keep you warm

You keep us cool

I sing you lullabies to make you sleep

You sparkle in the sun, keep us laughing

We are dangerous

I can burn the brightest flame

You can drown the strongest man

We are equals, you and I

Destructive, and peaceful

We balance each other





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