African Drum Circle Series

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Mrs. Baker from Lake George Jr./Sr. High worked with us on the drums this month, and we have learned so much! The song above is one of the greetings we learned that is used as a welcome song in Nigeria. It offers "good health" and "peace" to new friends, and is often paired with music and dance. We learned how by using both our sense of sound, or even simply watching someone drum, if we really stay focused we can re-create sounds (and copying is actually a COMPLIMENT in the music world). We learned the difference between high and low sounds, and how the placement of our hands and how we use our fingers or palms can create different sounds. We started out by repeating after Mrs. Baker one at a time, but eventually got SO GOOD that we could each have our own rhythm and be one at the same time - neat stuff :) We hope to do this activity again in the future and get EVEN MORE students involved! 

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