Skyzone FUNdraiser

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31 Seconds - time it took our champion to complete the Warrior Course

61 - Lake George Students that came to bounce around to support the Teen Center

4 - hours of unlimited jumping we got for just $15!!!

Thanks to everyone's support, and this amazing initiative by Skyzone, we were able to raise $305 for the youth at the Lake George Teen Center! Due to popular demand, we will definitely be returning to Skyzone for a Thursday "off-site" activity. It was incredible watching so many of these students stepping out of their comfort zone and into their challenge zone as they approached the Warped wall, attacked the Warrior Course, or even jumped off of the side wall in the Freestyle arena! We came to realize that if we approached our fears with confidence, they weren't so bad after all! Isn't it just amazing the tricks our minds can play on us?! Who would've known that so many "life lessons" could be learned at such a fun place! a HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to support!

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