Poetry - Round Two!

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"This planet is my Valentine". "I am my own Valentine, I love myself". This Valentine's Day we gathered to write poetry (for a second time!) with former Educator Jan Loonan. Writing for pleasure is not something many of us think to do very often, and writing poetry in our spare time is an art that we realized we want to engage in more often! The day started with some Valentine's Day treats, and reading a few poems to get our creative juices flowing. One of the books we read some poetry from was written by an ELEVEN year old boy; he started writing when he was just THREE years old, though! When one of the teens picked Jan's brain about her poetic history, we found out that she did not start writing poetry until she joined a women's group later into adulthood - it is never too late to pick up a new habit or form a new hobby, and Jan's passion for poetry is contagious. Our first group poem was created by one person creating the first line, and then each person around the circle adding just a little more to the poem:

Love is the feeling

of joy when it comes to hugs

angel hugs

angel hugs me with joy.

Our next group poem was created by each of us picking up a candy heart (you know, the ones with the cute sayings on them?), and compiling them in different ways to create a poem:

You and Me


Text Me

I Love You.

Isn't it incredible how poetry can be formed? Sometimes even reading a poem backwards can make sense! Here are some written by the students themselves :)

Roses are love, Romance

Love is the touch of the heart

Heart is the warmth of redness

Redness is filled with red, anger

Anger is the swelling of mad.

-Rashelle, Grade 9


I love you, you make my heart sing.

You are as sweet as caramel.

You text me and say love yourself and I sing.

You kiss me like an angel blowing sugar on my cheek.

You make me happy and cry happy tears.

I love you for a million years.

-Brooke, Grade 8

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