Open Door Mission - Part II

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Did you say "arm day"? Or did you say "oh, yay!!"? This week we got to go BACK to Open Door Mission, and help organize their storage area! Many businesses and groups have donated food, coffee, paper products, and more; but not just coffee for the day, or a 100-pack of cups. We moved about 36 boxes of paper towels, over 200 containers of coffee grounds, and a TON of Solo cups! Okay not a LITERAL ton, but so so many!! We organized so that things that are used more often such as toilet paper and paper towels would be more easily accessible, and in the process had to move about 10 round tables..TWICE! We really got our workout in for the day, and our teamwork too. We hope to go back in the Spring to help serve a meal! They always show us a great time.

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