Camp Chingachgook - Snowshoeing

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Have you ever gone snowshoeing? If so, do you remember the very first time you went, how silly your feet felt when you put snowshoes on?! How about how light your legs felt after taking them off? For more than half of the teens that joined us today, it was their first time ever feeling this sensation, and it was unanimous that they would do it again. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Lake George Rotary Chapter, and Camp Chingachgook staff, we were able to enjoy this experience together. During our time at Camp Chingachgook, we were led through trails by two of their Outdoor Educators and learned/found so many cool things! We came across tracks that we later found out belonged to a coyote, a hole dug by a rodent, and a decomposing deer carcass. We learned that snakes hibernate, and there are many different kinds of woodpeckers. We saw proof of yellow-bellied sap suckers (determined by the line of holes that they left when pecking for sap from a particular "vein" in the tree), pileated woodpeckers (these woodpeckers leave larger holes on their search for ant colonies), and although they do not live in NY, we learned about how acorn woodpeckers actually hoard acorns in the holes they create to save for later. We enjoyed almost 2 minutes of silence and stillness as we listened to water trickle from underneath a layer of ice on a rock face, and then we got to balance that peace and quiet with some tubing at the end of our stay! We had a great time at Camp Chingachgook and are extremely excited to be back in the Spring! 

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