Mac & Cheese

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Teamwork. Confidence. Skill. Patience. Trust. Attention.

Thanks to Chef Michael and those at Sacred Heart that let us use their kitchen, everyone that showed these traits in the kitchen was able to snack on some mac & cheese AND bring some home! The day started with learning proper kitchen etiquette and how to use a knife safely (sharper knives are actually more safe, did you know?!). To make sure that everyone got a chance to try any steps they wanted (and that everyone got to help - because can't enjoy the finished product if you're not willing to put in the work!), the group was split into two sections. The first step for each group was to slice up some cheese, melting it into the butter with precise timing, and stirring continuously to make sure it didn't burn to the bottom of the pot! Once the cheese sauce was perfected, it was folded into the macaroni, bread crumbs were added to the top, and the mac & cheese was placed into a pan to be baked. 22 minutes minutes mm good!! It was great to see everyone working together, stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new (for some), and being patient with the process. Maybe next time we will be able to serve it to you!

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