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As Earth Day nears, it is important for us to reflect on how we have impacted the planet, and how it has impacted mankind. Through poetry, we were able to express some thoughts about the environment. We are so lucky to be living on this planet, around this gorgeous lake, yet there are things that some of us do daily that harm it! On April 20th, Crandall Library will be holding an Earth Day event to raise awareness; people will be expressing themselves through many forms of art, and our students were invited to share their work there as well! 

Pollution is horrible for nature

Nature is decreasing because of humans

Water was pretty until people threw

Trash and oil

Trash destroys the pretty

blue ocean and

the pretty green grass, trees

Pollution makes the air toxic to breathe

Breathing makes us live

Why trash this beautiful place

-Aidan B, 9th Grade

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