Farewell BBQ

Chips & Buns: $

Burgers and Hotdogs: $$

T-Shirts: $$$

Memories: priceless.

This year we switched things up a little and celebrated all of the good times we had together by having a BBQ at Usher Park in Lake George. We enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill, basketball and swinging at the park, and each others company under the pavilion. IT was sad to see the year come to an end, but exciting to think back to all that we did together - community service at Open Door Mission and Wiawaka Holiday House, making mac & cheese, making blankets, bowling, Skyzone, hiking with Lake George Land Conservancy, poetry workshops, Camp Chingachgook...and the list goes on. Everyone is excited to "represent" in their new t-shirts, and even more excited for the memories we will make together next school year. Until September! 

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