Raptor Talk with Nancy Kimball at LGLC

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This Thursday our programming commenced with a talk from Monica from Lake George Land Conservancy, who shared with us a wide variety of animals that the LGLC protects on their properties. These animals included moose (Pole Hill Pond), beavers (everywhere! They are responsible for much of our landscape in terms of where ponds and other waterways are located), bobcats (Amy's Park), the little brown bat (located in caves on protected LGLC property), snowshoe hare, timber rattlesnake, red eft, northern spring peeper, five lined skink, and so many more! Our conversation segued into one of wildlife rehabilitation with Nancy Kimball. Nancy was with us last year, and has been a Wildlife Rehabilitator associated with North Country Wildcare for 18 years now. She has welcomed porcupine, fox, possum, and many birds and raptors onto her property to heal enough to survive back out in the wild. She brought with her her Kestrel, Cassie, her Barred Owl, Justin, and a new owl that she has not yet named. We all got to meet each of them, and learn a bit about each one individually. Did you know Kestrel's can turn their heads 270º just like an owl can?! Unlike an owl, however, their eyes are located more to the sides, giving them less reason to take this full turn. 

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